Let's Partner

Dorvie delivers trusted services, content, programming, and more directly to our members - at home and online. Our users are automatically paired with the resources that match their needs, and our concierges take care of any scheduling and coordination involved. Our goal is to make planning and payment effortless, so that no-shows, last minute reschedules, and missing payments are things of the past.

  • Do you run a home services business? Let us pair you with our Dorvie members.
  • Are you the property or community manager at a resident building? Let us bring your residents exclusive perks, events, amenities, and home services.
  • Do you have clients that could use Dorvie services? Let us develop an incentivized referral program with you, so you can enroll clients directly.

We want to work with you to bring your resources to our users. Start by contacting us below and be part of our service network.

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