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We created Dorvie Client Concierge to help trusted community organizations easily bring home care services to their clients.

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Our concierges bundle, schedule, and coordinate high quality-high value lawn care, house cleaning, laundry, home maintanence, meal delivery, grocery pickup, and more directly to your clients' homes.

Billing is consolidated across all service providers every month, making payment simple and straightforward - whether for your organization or your clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I do next?

Create a profile for your client by filling out the form below. You'll be able to pick the services they need and the frequency and assign an account point of contact.

What do you do with this information?

We will contact the account point of contact - whether you, someone on your team, or your client - for an initial onboarding call to make sure the collection has everything your client needs, that nothing was missed, and that the days and times for services to be delivered are convenient.

When do services start?

After you customize a bundle of services, we'll select service delivery days and times with each of our service partners. We'll finalize these days and times during our initial onboarding call.

How much will this cost?

Each bundle's Dorvie Rate is based on the services and frequency you select, the type of home in which your client lives (condo/apartment unit or a single family home), and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the home.

How does payment work?

We'll collect the account's payment information after the initial onboarding call, but we won't charge it until after the first month of services.

What if I want to make changes?

That's totally fine! Our concierges will contact the account point of contact before and after every service is delivered to make sure your client knows what to expect and to make sure that they were satisfied with what they received. If they're not, we'll make it right. The account point of contact can make any adjustments to your client's services during these calls - or at any time. You can call us at 1-833-4-DORVIE or email us at

How do you select service providers?

We start our search for service providers in an obvious place: we ask neighbors and community members. We cross-reference the service providers we learn about with their online ratings and reviews – looking for the signs of a great company and any hints of red flags. If we find a red flag, we cross that provider off the list.

When we're satisfied that we have a strong list of candidates, we start calling the different organizations we've found, interviewing them to make sure they're available and able to deliver the level of service your clients expect and deserve.

What if I have more questions?

Start with the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to most questions. Or contact us by email at

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