Resident Requests, Handled.

A Concierge for your Team, AND for your Residents

Front Desk can't do everything

With a packed calendar, every minute counts. But what happens when a unique request throws everything off course? Suddenly, you find yourself tangled in the weeds, borrowing precious time from tomorrow just to stay afloat.

Piece of Mind

When the unexpected arises, count on us for prompt relief and expert care. Trust lies at the heart of our service; every task is approached with meticulous attention. No challenge is too big. Let Dorvie handle it, and rest assured, we'll keep you informed, sharing feedback from satisfied clients.

A resource to call

Managing requests from clients can be incredibly time-consuming. Whether it's attending to the needs of our frequent fliers or addressing the more unconventional requests. And managing vendors with whom you may not yet have a relationship, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Client 360

Upon completion of a job or task, you'll see comprehensive data on your clients, providing invaluable insights for your next interaction. We share detailed information regarding the services rendered, client feedback, and anticipated future needs, empowering you to enhance your approach and foster stronger relationships.

You get the credit

We handle the heavy lifting so your team can shine. With our dedicated service, rest assured that the credit for outstanding results goes straight to your team, while we work diligently behind the scenes to make it happen.


At Dorvie, simplicity is key — Your organization pays a flat fee per resident.

There are no concierge fees for your residents; they only pay for additional services they choose to utilize beyond the scope of your organization's responsibilities.


Here's How Much it Would Cost to Do it Yourself

  • Headcount

    Full Time Employee: >$50,000

  • Time

    40+ Hours per week

  • Resources

    2-4 Resources

Example of Services Coordinated

  • Home Maintenance

    Independent Living Upgrades

    Home Cleaning


  • Plant Watering


    Grocery Delivery

    Personal Shopping

  • Home Organization

    Furniture Assembly

    Pet Care

    Much More

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