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The Predictable, Coordinated, Move Experience

Clients Are Never Ready

These delays not only create idle units but also leave unnecessary vacancies, impacting your bottom line. While your team diligently works to turn over units, we understand the challenges of coordinating and managing the moving process.

Current State = Ineffective

Relying solely on a resource list leaves individuals uncertain about where to begin, resulting in a lack of preparedness for their move.

While staff members excel at building relationships, they are limited in the number of connections they can effectively manage, potentially hindering client satisfaction and overall efficiency.

How Do We Overcome This?

We offer a white-glove moving experience designed to scale seamlessly. Our expert concierges collaborate with your team to connect clients with the finest vetted vendors for services spanning organization, packing, and moving.

Coordinated + Organized

From scheduling service deliveries to orchestrating day-of logistics and streamlining billing throughout the entire move process, we provide the personalized human touch needed to motivate clients and kickstart their moving journey. We keep your team updated along the way, so you can feel confident about their move status.

Move-In Goals Achieved

Predictable Success: Our service prioritizes achieving move-in goals, ensuring a smooth transition and predictable outcomes, minimizing idle units.

Coordinated Execution: We specialize in synchronizing efforts to meet move-in targets.

Scheduled Efficiency: With our tailored solutions, we optimize efficiency and success through carefully coordinated efforts, minimizing unplanned hiccups for a seamless move-in experience.


At Dorvie, simplicity is key—our pricing is straightforward and transparent. Your organization pays just $5 per coordinated service. No hidden fees, no surprises. It's that simple.

Clients are charged for the services they receive, plus a reasonable service fee.

  • Timeline

    6 Months Out

    3 Months Out

    1 Month Out

  • Service

    Downsizing and Junk Removal

    Organization and Donation

    Packing and Home Refresh

  • Cost to your Organization




Move Cost Calculator

Annual Client Relocation Cost Estimator

Enter the number of moves per month:

Here's How Much it Would Cost to Do it Yourself

  • Headcount

    Full Time Employee: >$50,000

  • Time

    40+ Hours per week

  • Resources

    2-4 Resources

Example of Services Coordinated

  • Packing and Unpacking

    Loading and Unloading

    Professional Moving

    Coordinating Storage

    Home Cleaning

  • Junk Removal

    Home Staging

    Home Repair



  • Furniture Assembly

    Pet Moving and Boarding

    Auto Transport

    Home Organization

    Much more

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