The Importance of Staying Active

The Importance of Staying Active

If your loved one has recently retired, they’ll likely find themselves with more time than ever before. Unfortunately, this causes many people to become more isolated, and as a result, less active – especially if they are dealing with age-related pains or underlying health issues. 

Staying active and maintaining a strong social life is an important part of healthy aging – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our retirement years are much better off for it!

How Community Helps Us Stay Active

Consider This: Staying active in your local community offers countless benefits to long-term health and wellbeing. Building relationships with neighbors and local organizations helps foster a strong sense of belonging and combats the feeling of isolation that retirees too often encounter.

Dorvie Tips: So many of the benefits of living in your own home in retirement come from the ability to maintain already established relationships with friends, neighbors, and your broader community. Staying active in your community will reveal opportunities for new experiences, to meet new people, and to live a more fulfilled life – all while maintaining a sense of belonging and lowering the risk of loneliness and depression.

How Hobbies Help Us Stay Active

Consider This: Hobbies are great at any age. Following the same theme of staying active in our communities, hobbies similarly help keep us engaged, entertained, and meeting new people. As a result, they’re a great way to remain active, both physically and socially!

Moreover, the engagement of hobbies can help alleviate stress, which can be very helpful when living with stress-impacted conditions like high blood pressure.

Dorvie Tips: Seek out challenging, yet fun hobbies that leave you feeling positive – fun hobbies give us a welcome dose of feel-good endorphins!

Hobbies that require some physical exertion – no matter the amount or how strenuous – can be a great way to improve our overall fitness, which in turn leads to improved mental and physical wellbeing.

Understanding Obstacles to Staying Active

Consider This: While it’s easy to list all the benefits of remaining physically and socially active, it’s important to understand the obstacles that prevent your loved one from remaining active. Perhaps the most obvious obstacle is physical limitations. Many retirees have physical ailments or lack overall mobility, and therefore struggle to stay active. Another common issue is an apparent lack of things to do.

Dorvie Tips: Help coordinate transpiration so that hobbies, community events, and friends become more accessible. Consider organizing your own social events, inviting local retirees and members of the community to participate and create a new social circle.

Check local community hubs for fun classes and activities. Senior centers and local churches may also host various events and gatherings.


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