Relationships Matter, Trust is Everything

1. Concierge Experience

Your clients are assigned a full-time, Dorvie-employed concierge who schedules services, coordinates day-of logistics, and consolidates billing on their behalf.

Expansive Services Drive Satisfaction

2. Vetted National Vendors

Our supply chain is rooted in personalized services, deep vetting for safety, and negotiated pricing for an unmatched experience for your clients - everywhere they call home.

Ownership of every situation

3. Technology & Data

Platforms customized for every partnership make it easy to sign up for services and provide a real-time, on-the-ground transparency into the services your clients use most.

Concierge experiences designed to achieve your goals

Deliver the Outcomes that Matter Most

You want your residents connection to your community to grow each day they live on campus, so you foster a deep sense of belonging with a well-trained staff and curated amenities.

But, your staff has a lot on their plates and responding to every request for new services, amenities, and experiences gets overwhelming fast.

Our Amenity Concierge program takes on the logistics of delivering for your residents - whether it's a one-off request or a recurring service - all while your staff focuses on what they do best.

"Amenity Concierge" Pricing: Not to exceed $10 per resident per month for unlimited concierge calls. Pricing will be determined based on projected utilization.

  • Personal Shopping


    Extra Cleaning

  • Pet Care, Boarding, & Walking

    Extra Landscaping & Gardening

    Grocery & Personal Shopping

  • Unit Turnover For Staff:

    Deep Cleaning, Carpentry/Cabinet Installation, Furniture Assembly & More

You want future residents ready to move when their on-campus home becomes available, so you maintain a directory of trusted move vendors for them to use.

But, future residents get overwhelmed by the task or distracted with life and miss taking the first step, so they're not ready for your call.

Our Move Concierge program guides your clients through their move, managing the process, vendors, and schedule from start to finish.

"Move Concierge" pricing not to exceed $10 per month per client for partners enrolled in Amenity Concierge, or not to exceed $25 per month per client for partners not already enrolled. Pricing will be determined based on projected utilization.

  • Downsizing/Rightsizing

    Junk Removal

    Home Repair


    Deep Cleaning

  • Landscaping

    Packing and Unpacking

    Professional Moving

    Storage and Shipping

    Estate Sales

  • Home Organization

    Furniture Assembly

    Auto Transport

    Home Organization

    And Much More

Your at-home clients (CCaH, Early Advantage, etc.) come to you for peace of mind, so you staff a team of care/service managers who are there to deliver every client request.

But, as your program grows, your staff is inundated with requests (large or small, planned or not), so it's tough to keep their heads above water.

Our Home Concierge program is a pressure-release valve for your team, managing the logistics of every client request so your staff can focus on what matters most: growing your program, providing care, and furthering client satisfaction.

"Home Concierge" is $30 per month per client for unlimited concierge calls when paid directly by the client. When paid by the program or community, the rate will not exceed $30 per month. Pricing will be determined based on projected utilization.

  • Home Repairs/Maintenance

    Independent Living Modifications

    House Cleaning & Window Washing

    Laundry & Dry Cleaning

  • Lawn Care & Landscaping

    Gardening & Watering

    Prepared Meal Delivery

    Grocery & Personal Shopping

  • Scheduled Transportation

    Pet Care, Boarding, & Walking

    Deck Restoration

    And Much More

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I already give my clients a binder of resources. How is this different?

Our concierge services go beyond a static listing of resources. We provide a white glove experience with personalized assistance and coordination to ensure your clients' needs are met promptly and efficiently.

How do your concierges interact with my clients?

Our concierges engage with your clients in a professional and courteous manner, providing tailored support through various communication channels based on their preferences - whether that is via phone, text, or email.

I already have a list of trusted vendors. Can my clients continue to use them?

Absolutely! We can work with your existing list of vendors and bring them into the Dorvie Concierge Experience to ensure continuity and meet your clients' preferences. It's a win-win-win situation for everyone.

How do I know if my clients are having a good experience?

We prioritize client satisfaction and provide you with direct regular updates and feedback to ensure transparency and allow you to own the experience every step of the way. As part of this effort, we will provide you with a live dashboard where you can see real-time statistics of your clients service usage and Concierge notes for you to view.

What happens if they don't have a good experience?

Dorvie handles all conflict resolution. We address any concerns promptly and work to rectify issues to ensure your clients' satisfaction. This may include, but is not limited to sending the vendor to correct the situation, assigning a new vendor, and covering the cost of the service, itself.

How much will this cost my client?

Dorvie's $10, $25, or $30/month fees are structured like a Costco membership - allowing us to negotiate better rates per service by purchasing services in bulk and eliminating all markup. As a result, your clients pay only the cost of the services they consume - determined by the scope of work (e.g., the size of their home for a home cleaning).

Do you have any testimonials?

Yes, we have testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced our exceptional concierge services. Please reach out for more information.

My members can just call my team when they need something. How does Dorvie help?

Think of Dorvie as your team's "everything" concierge. Dorvie's concierge services offer dedicated support, ensuring prompt and personalized assistance - force-multiplying your team's time, allowing them to focus on other areas of the business.

What does this mean for my existing team?

Dorvie is never positioned as a replacement for any team members. Instead, think of Dorvie as an extension of your team. We complement your team's efforts, providing additional resources and expertise to enhance member satisfaction and streamline operations.

Our Partnership Agreement is designed to be straightforward to review and simple to approve. Please reach out to gerard@dorvie.com if you have any questions or need to request special terms.

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