Netflix Employee Concierge

Tailored assistance for employees, families, growing families, and those supporting aging parents, providing resources and support to meet unique needs with care and compassion.

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  • Household Coordination

    House Cleaning
    Home Repairs
    Meal &  Grocery Delivery
    Lawn & Plant Care
    Laundry & Dry Cleaning
    Pet Walking & Boarding
    Furniture Assembly

  • Perinatal & New Parent

    Nutritional Counseling
    Prenatal Classes
    Maternity Shopping
    Childbirth Classes
    Baby Registry Setup
    Baby Supplies
    Doula Sourcing

  • Kids & Family Services

    Childcare Services
    Educational Support
    Special Needs Support
    Health Services
    Fitness & Wellness
    Play Structure Assembly
    Parental Support

  • Older Adults & Loved Ones

    Personal & Health Care
    Household Support
    Recreational Activities
    Financial Management
    Accessibility Upgrades
    Travel Assistance

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How Dorvie Can Help

At Dorvie, we specialize in making life easier by coordinating, organizing, and scheduling essential services. Here are some popular ways our concierge service can assist you:

  • For the Busy Professional

    Essentials Coordination - We arrange recurring services like weekly lawn care and monthly house cleaning services, freeing up your time for what matters most.

  • For the Growing Family

    Preparing for a New Arrival - Our personal shoppers organize and schedule the purchase and delivery of baby supplies, ensuring you’re fully prepared.

  • For the Family with Kids

    Household Support - We coordinate tutoring services, grocery + meal delivery, and other household needs, allowing you to focus on your family.

  • For the Aging Parent

    Home Safety Enhancements - We schedule and manage the installation of grab bars and other safety modifications to improve accessibility and ensure a secure environment.

How It Works

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Where Quality Meets Trust Across the Nation

Your personal concierge works with a pre-vetted network of service providers across the nation, so we can support you or your family members, no matter where you call home. Each provider is thoroughly evaluated - they're certified to deliver the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety. 

And for aging loved ones, we also have specific services provided through an industry-exclusive partnership with LeadingAge, whose 5,000+ members provide quality care to millions everyday.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust the services you send to my home?

Yes! Our four-factor vetting includes referrals and background checks for every service provider, allowing you to be sure that we only partner with trusted, reliable companies who deliver high-value services.

We built our vetting process to align with the standards for services and care that have been pioneered and advanced by LeadingAge, a community of over 5,400 nonprofit aging services providers and other mission-driven organizations serving older adults in states across the country.

How do I make changes?

Your concierge will add, remove, or change your services upon request. Just let them know.

What if I want to switch my services?

You always have full control over the services you receive. We'll be able to make changes to your services in three ways:

(1) When you're selecting services:
We'll give you the option to add more services to it – whether they are brand-new services or changing the frequency of existing services.

(2) During your Initial Membership Call:We'll
schedule time to talk after you select your services, so we can find the best days and times for you to receive your services. We'll set time aside during this call to talk about any additional services you might

(3) During our pre-or-post-service check-in:
We'll contact you before and after every service is delivered so you know what to expect and so we can make sure you're fully satisfied with what you received.

We'll always check whether there are any new services you would like to add.

How do I pay for services?

Your concierge will create and send you a consolidated monthly bill from all the services you received that month. We can keep your payment info on file, so you don't have to juggle due dates or payment methods.

Do I need an app?

Nope! We want your user experience to be as simple as possible. All you need is to schedule your first concierge call and let us know if you prefer to talk via phone call, text message, or email. No apps needed.

What do I do if I don't need a service on a certain week?

No problem! Just let your concierge know, and they'll pause that service.

What if a service provider doesn't show up?

We take several steps to prevent no-shows, including confirming each week with your providers that they're prepared to deliver your services. If a service provider doesn't arrive, though,
please call your concierge to let them know.

Our policy is to contact you after we expect a service was delivered to make sure you're
satisfied, so if you don't get a chance to call us in the event of a no-show, we'll still contact you.

Either way, we'll make it right by finding an alternate provider to deliver the service as quickly as possible.

What if I already have a provider I want to use?

We know how important it is to find a trusted provider, and we want you to keep using them. Let us know that you have a provider who you prefer, and we'll add them to your account and consolidated bill.

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